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There is nothing better than a clean bathtub and relaxed shower.

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Our mission is to provide a true and lasting solution to your homes by creating a less complicated and difficult life. Our biggest focus has been to save hundreds of dollars in costly work for our clients and make them feel satisfied with themselves and their families.


does what we say!!!

You will never find yourself showering in standing water due to a drain clog ever again

What people are saying

My tub/shower drain stopper broke and was going to cost $200-600 to replace as the entire drain and pipe connections had to be removed and replaced. That was not in my budget and I searched for an alternative to the black hole that had become my drain. 

Danna Evans

Tested this out when I gave my dog a bath. The TubiMax collected all of the hair (he's a short hair dog) as well as the soap grime. It's easy to remove pet hair and human hair from the TubiMax hair catcher.

Martin Gomez

AMAZING. Bought this after having tried numerous other devices. I decided to go for this after reading the reviews and watching some YouTube videos. Works exactly like it says. I clean it once every two/three days and not had any issues with the drains since. 

Rose Patterson


performance over everything

Catching hair, jewelry and anything in-between, while the water continues to flow freely. 


This is a must have for every household with people who have hair longer and an inch or two. Stop your bathroom sink from constantly getting clogged as it traps all the hair before it can go down be drain. It’s extremely easy to install, remove and clean all the time.

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